A Particularly Epic Tuesday

Tuesday evening we made the arduous trek up to Cleveland to watch the Indians play some baseball. Perhaps I should rephrase that– we went to Cleveland to sit at Progressive Field and eat popcorn and hot dogs and watch the people cam on the scoreboard (we had free tickets).
Approaching Progressive Field via the cemetery, which prompted discussion of people who get their ashes scattered at stadiums (so that they’ll never miss another game), and about someone’s ashes that ended up on a roof somewhere in a plastic bag and the cops thought it was drugs until they tested it (Eric contributed that).
Cleveland Rocks!
The Indians, not so much.
We spent a great deal of time trying to take a picture that looks decent. Turns out I’m really bad at the whole hold-the-camera-out-in-front-and-take-a-picture-of-yourself thing.
“Yeah, I like baseball capris better than the long pants too, like on the shortstop. He looks better than the other guys.”
“That’s the second baseman. Generally, the shortstop is between third and second, not second and first.”
“Oh. I knew that.”
“This is why they’d put you in the outfield all the time, isn’t it?”
Eric’s response to the above conversation.
To sum it up: We and negative 13,413 other people (there were nowhere near that many actually present) spent negative 3 hours and 13 minutes watching the Indians not score and lose to Oakland. The Tribe did have 16 strikeouts, which was impressive. And the Indians script looks cooler than Oakland all spelled out in caps. So there.
This face sums up the entire game.
Megan loves Asdrubal! (Primarily because this picture was directly behind our seats while we were leaving).
Some of us are not willing to admit we’re Indians fans.
Photo opt!











And in other, much more fantastic news:

Welcome To the World little Elizabeth Grace Covey! Born Tuesday morning at 9:41 a.m., to proud parents Amanda and James Covey. Little Ellie measured in at 7lbs/9oz and 21 inches long with a full head of blond hair.

Amanda, I shamelessly stole this picture from your Facebook page. I hope you don’t mind.
Little Ellie- someday your honoray aunties Jenna and Lauren will take to you an Indians game and introduce you to the world of Cleveland sports. Maybe by the time you’re old enough to hold up a hot dog they’ll have a slightly better record. Even if they don’t, we’re still going to fill you up with all sorts of yummy stadium food and then send you home to your parents all hyped-up on cotton candy, pop and peanuts. It’s going to be a blast.

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