An Evening At the National Hamburger Festival

Our evening in photographs:

Don’t worry, Eric brought appropriate reading materials for this festival.These are the last two burger halves from Menches Bros, which Eric (after some prompting)  promptly ate.  Eric is our resident plain burger connoisseur. I believe he said these landed somewhere near the top of his list of favorites. Also note the Football Hall Of Fame t-shirt, which has nothing to do with burgers but is always an appropriate shirt to be wearing.


Beautiful Lock 3 Park, in the wonderful city of Akron, Ohio!
We did not try any of the Max & Erma’s burgers, since we’ve eaten there before and already know how good they are (which is quite good). And those are lights, not barbed wire. I checked.
STD burgers. They do in fact brand each bun with the STD logo. 
“Dad, you ruined the brand!”
This STD had onions and a spicy chipotle sauce on it, absolutely delicious.
Marching off to the next burger stand.
Megan spins the wheel in hopes to win a fabulous prize!
Instead, she wins a bottle opener and a coozie.
New word of the day: Grillebration.
Also: Whitney, you might be receiving a coozie care package in Kentucky sometime soon… we might have gotten a few more of these than we really know what to do with (which would be 3).
Green means go! We’ve got more burgers to consume!
Ah, the Civic Theater, the site of many years of dance recital memories. Almost makes me want to dig out my old dance shoes and bust out some lyrical moves, of which I remember about five. Lyrical is a mix of ballet and modern dance, for those of you who didn’t know. Which is usually about everyone.
All in all, and excellent way to spend a beautiful Sunday evening in Ohio. Sorry Dad, but your burgers at home just can’t compete.
If you’re interested in actual information about the National Hamburger Festival 2012 and all of the deliciousness you missed, here’s the website:
If you’re interested in reading the book Hamburger America, or watching the documentary (of course there’s a documentary, and yes Eric does own it), here’s the link. The author also has a burger blog.

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