I am a Raven, I speak for the trash

I am a Raven, I speak for the trash–
The litter, the waste, it’s all better than cash.
What’s a bird going to do with a dollar bill?
But with trash, oh ho, I can eat my fill!
Tourists are best, with their picnic lunches,
There’s always scraps left for me to munches.
I’m not picky, I like both rye bread and wheat,
Just leave me your crusts on the ground, what a treat!
Scavenger by trade, I eat what I find
It’s been many a Dumpster in which I’ve dined.
Say what you like, but you know I don’t care–
With a bob and a flap I’ll take to the air.
I soar high and far, my eyes are keen
Spying trash pits and garbage, that’s dinner I’ve seen!

Una Sinfonia para Bananas

1. Banana Dance
When banana chips
Pass my lips
I do a little dance
Good and yummy
In my tummy
Around the room I prance
But when I’m done
There will be none
Sorry, you’ve missed your chance
I’ll take a beer instead


2.  Second Banana
You started in a tree
Free in the leaves and air
There, growing and living
Giving food to the spunky
Monkey, sating its thirst.
First the color of green
Seen in the leaves and grass
Class of your own, then
When you mellow,
Yellow. The typical color
Duller than the sun, but still.
Will you be split and ate,
Great with ice cream?
Dream of mashed and
Bland in bread. Or cut
But leave to dry
Try plain and sweet
Beat by none of the above
Love to eat, banana chips.

Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care


3.  Dream fruit
The aroma of
Musa acuminata
Pervades my senses
The fragrant flesh with its
White seedless pulp and
Amber gold skin.
Oh ye gods! Food for you all
In this delectable fruit!
Tongue and mouth in ecstasy
Over this ethereal essence.
The name, a sacred whisper

Look into my eyes and give me a banana