I am a Raven, I speak for the trash

I am a Raven, I speak for the trash–
The litter, the waste, it’s all better than cash.
What’s a bird going to do with a dollar bill?
But with trash, oh ho, I can eat my fill!
Tourists are best, with their picnic lunches,
There’s always scraps left for me to munches.
I’m not picky, I like both rye bread and wheat,
Just leave me your crusts on the ground, what a treat!
Scavenger by trade, I eat what I find
It’s been many a Dumpster in which I’ve dined.
Say what you like, but you know I don’t care–
With a bob and a flap I’ll take to the air.
I soar high and far, my eyes are keen
Spying trash pits and garbage, that’s dinner I’ve seen!

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