Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


This one is for you, my Mother Dearest,

A mother of three, whom we all both love and fearest!

Today’s a day of thanks for my lovely Mom,

Like every mother, she’s def da bomb!

She cooks, she cleans, she sweeps, she sews,

And whenever I am bad, she somehow always knows!

She’s a band director, the finest teacher of music,

Somehow listening to 5th grade clarinets doesn’t make her lose it!

She teaches kids who aren’t her own

How to play the tuba, flute, or saxophone.


Bravely leading her students around the subway system of New York City, and somehow ending up in Brooklyn.

I don’t know how she does it, her patience is legendary

Except for when it comes to bad tuning, then she gets scary.

She marches, she copies, she fixes, she files,

And she does it all with (mostly) real smiles.

I’ve always admired your passion and drive,

To be like you is for what I strive.

You’re the bestest Mom I’ve ever had,

Without you my life would sure be sad.


You meeting Dad sure was fateful,

You gave me life, for which I’m grateful.

I love you mom, I hope you know that,

I may journey far, but home is where the heart’s at.

I love you deep, I’ll love you long,

I love you sure, I love you strong.

So Happy Mother’s Day Mommy Dearest,

To my heart you will always be nearest.

With lots of love from your most favorite eldest daughter, who didn’t know that there was a MCB Clarinet website, and that both our pictures are on it. Interesting things can be found when one searches for your name on Google. 

And Happy Mother’s Day also to my mother’s mother, my grandma Elvera, whom I love dearly and who prints out all my blog posts and puts them in a three-ring binder. Everything I write, I write for you.  


Love you much!