Christmas time is nearly here

jasper under the christmas tree

Christmas time is nearly here

Give a shout, hooray!

It’s time to be with those held dear,

To frolic, sing and play.


Christmas 1951

But behave yourself, the warning goes,

To kids, both naughty and nice

See, Santa Claus, he always knows,

Every kindness and every vice.


Smith cousins Christmas

Still, I’ve never met a kid who hates

The Christmas season time,

For parents though that love abates

With all the Christmas whine.

mom and dad christmas morning

So give a hug to one you love

And go romp in the snow,

But don’t forget when push comes to shove,

It’s Christmas time you know!


sledding in Boulder Colorado

I wish you happiness, I wish you cheer,

This glorious Christmas time,

I wish you joy, with loved ones near,

Enjoy my Christmas rhyme.

Bogie puppy eyes

Christmas Field Guide

My new favorite website! Science comics by field naturalist Rosemary Mosco, who seems like a really awesome person and has made some really awesome nature comics. Hard to pick a favorite, since they’re all so great. I’ve spent the last few hours reading them all and then sending them to all of my friends. I love the combination of nature and art. 

One of the biggest problems, to me, is that many people expect scientists to do all the public outreach for their research subjects. Some scientists are great at outreach, but we can’t expect them all to be interested in public relations, or to have the time for it! I think there should be more go-betweens — people called “science communicators” — who can help both sides. And art can play a part in making science clear to laypeople.”

– from an interview with Rosemary Mosco on The Birdist

This is exactly what I want to do (and what I’m currently applying to graduate school to do), only with words instead of art. Like with some of my animal poems. Yay for science communication!

One of my friends posted one of Rosemary’s comics on Facebook (bird sound mnemonics), which is how I have just now discovered this site. It’s fantastic! Check it out: 

bird and moon

And in honor of the upcoming holiday season, here is a handy-dandy field guide you should probably print out and keep in your pocket for easy reference. 

What messages do you try to focus on in your comics?


1. Nature is infinitely complicated.

2. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be funny and heartwarming.

3. So we should take care of it.

another excerpt from an interview with Speaking of Science.