I’m the Paperblog Blogger of the Day!


Paperblog made me their Blogger of the Day!

Paperblog Blogger of the Day

Look, there’s my face! And my hand, holding an owl. And most of the rest of my upper torso. That would be awkward, if it was just my face and my hand and nothing in between.


Since you may be wondering “What is Paperblog?!?!”, I pulled this from their website for your edification (and edited it a little).

You’re welcome.

What is Paperblog? 

Paperblog helps you find quality articles from the blogosphere, providing a participatory media site where talented experts and enthusiasts can share their knowledge and experience.

The best and most relevant articles are not easy to find amongst all the blogs online. Paperblog identified the need to find the best blogs around, offering quality articles to a growing readership.

In the first trimester of 2011, Paperblog International received 10 million regular visitors from throughout the world.

How do we do this?

We call on the skills and collaboration of internet users [like the fabulous Lauren Smith], whose efforts are supported by our editorial team. Using certain criteria, we select great articles and organise them by theme. Through navigation and actions (votes, ranking, key-words) Paperblog users then help us with initial selections and classifications.

The Paperblog editorial team then moderates and carries out a further classification in order to showcase certain articles and select Editor’s Picks. Certain Paperbloggers can also request moderator status and participate more actively in selections. We also establish partnerships with Press Groups and other publishers in order to publish the largest possible amount of articles and achieve our objective of providing quality articles to an increasing audience.

In the future, we even hope to produce this content in print!

In the meantime, we hope to offer the best service possible, and will endeavour to make Paperblog your indispensable source of the best articles from around the web!

Oh, and you can read Paperblog in Brazilian, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Which is cool.

If you ever want to check out Paperblog but don’t remember how, there is a button on the bottom of every page on my blog. It’s the one with blue lettering, that says Paperblog, and looks like this:



Check it out! Happy reading!