Why you should submit to Camas: The Nature of the West

University of Montana literary magazine Camas

6 reasons why you should submit to Camas:

1. Because it’s an awesome literary magazine put out by the Environmental Studies grad department at the University of Montana. (The fact that I’m in the program and very involved with the magazine does not at all influence the previous statement). 

2. Because I’m the editor of the non-fiction board, which means that I get to read every piece of non-fiction that is submitted and pass judgement. (I’m not opposed to bribes “generous donations,” especially of baked goods, in case you were wondering. Or coffee. Caffeinated beverages are also good. Hey, I’m a grad student and a field biologist. I have to eat somehow).*** 

3. Because we’re looking for submissions of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, book reviews, art, and photography.

4. Because here is an article about Camas in the Missoulian (a local Montana paper):

Environmental Studies Program’s Camas magazine has changed over 22 years, but still going strong

5. Because you still have plenty of time! We are accepting submissions for the Winter 2014 issue until October 15th, 2014.

6. Because we don’t have a theme for this issue, so Anything Goes!

Not really. I just wanted an excuse to put this clip in:


We do ask that you consider our mission statement in deciding what pieces would be a good fit:

Camas Magazine cultivates a community of writers and artists dedicated to promoting ecological and cultural diversity and resilience in the American West.


Click here to visit our site, check out what we’re about and what types of things we publish, and submit your work:

Camas Magazine

Do the right thing.

Submit to Camas.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga would approve.****

*** Just so you know, when we read submissions they won’t have names attached, so we will be basing our choices purely on the strengths of the writing/art. However, you can still give me cookies. I don’t mind. I’ll even share them with the rest of the editorial crew. 

**** Also, I did not ask Tony Bennett or Lady Gaga their thoughts on being associated with Camas, so I honestly have no idea if they would approve (if you didn’t know, I totally appropriated that video from YouTube without permission). I like to think they would though. They seem like good people. 

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