Bird Banding Selfies

Bird Banders in the News Again!

20140728_091412-3 (Copy)

We caught a kingfisher! And I got to hold it! This is serious stuff. Hence the serious expression on my face.

Last week we had a group from the Martin Meylin Middle School (which is located somewhere in Pennsylvania) visit the banding station. They were such a great group! They were very engaged, and asked great questions.

We split the main group into smaller groups to do net checks, and I had a bunch of boys in my group. They all wanted to take selfies with the birds, which was a new one for me. But hey, who am I to stand in the way of a young boy’s desire to take a selfie with a house wren? (Those pictures unfortunately didn’t make it on the blog post).

Check out what they wrote about us here:

Teton Science School 2014: Birds and Boats


They have a lot of awesome pictures of the banding crew up, including the one above of me with the kingfisher, which is very awesome because we don’t catch very many, and because we don’t band them. They’re too big, we don’t have bands big enough to fit around their legs.


20140728_083932_Richtone(HDR) (Copy)

This is me showing off a House Wren’s brood patch (the big blister-looking bare spot on its chest).

They also drew us this fantastic thank-you picture:

bird bands thankyou note (Copy)

From left to right: an American Robin playing guitar, a Trumpeter Swan on the trumpet, a Song Sparrow belting out the vocals, and a Belted Kingfisher rockin out on the drum set.

How awesome is that picture??? And yes, this is posted on the fridge in the bunkhouse, so we can enjoy it every day.


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