Things Mikayla Says

Mikayla is my best friend’s little sister. She is 12 years old. She is also my (non-legally) adopted sister*, as I live with her and her amazing family every time I go to Boulder. (One time, we made penguins. They were awesome).

Mikayla is not what one would call shy, at least not most of the time at home. Quiet would also not be an adjective that describes her the majority of the time. Precocious would be apt.  Consequently, she can be extremely entertaining. Our conversations are amazing.

What follows is just a small sample of some of the gems she uttered this past winter while I had the privilege of living in “Mikayla’s house**.”

1234443_10101806514492373_411978281_n (Copy)

Mikayla and her oldest sister Vanessa. I stole this from Facebook. I don’t know what’s going on, but this seems normal.


*We agreed I would change my last name to Smith-Seigal, to formalize my being part of the family. It took some convincing to allow the hyphenation.

**During a conversation with myself and her two older sisters (while sitting in the family kitchen, I might add), she referred to the house as “her house.” Never mind that Ashley and I both live there too. 

10314647_10203843707403905_6727612139792118505_n (Copy)

Mikayla, Steve, and Vanessa before (or after, I’m not really sure, this is another Facebook steal) running the Bolder Boulder. They’re all amazing athletes, it’s very inspiring. And slightly daunting. But mostly just really awesome.


Mikayla: “Why can’t you live here forever?”

Me: “Because I have a job in Wyoming for the summer, and I really want to go back to work with birds. And it pays better than Glacier Ice Cream.”

Mikayla: “You can just live here with us, and my dad will pay for everything for you.”

Me: “I don’t think that’s quite how it works…”



  • “I like hanging out at airports, because they’re noisy but quiet, you know? So you can do your own thing. And because there’s lots of candy.”


  • “Can I buy a cheap and skanky car?”


  • As she walks through the room carrying a hammer: “Don’t worry, I’m totally just demolishing my room.”


392302_2460938197531_234082786_n (Copy)

  • “Don’t make that kale or I’ll pillow fight you!”


  • As she sticks her foot in my face while I’m eating dinner: “I stubbed my toe today. Do you want to touch it?”


  • “Is it weird if I put tea on my toe?”


  • As she walks out of the kitchen: “Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh, I can’t do everything perfect!” Three seconds later, walking back into the room: “JK, I can.”



Oh Mikayla.

You’re the best 🙂

543359_10101257976606693_656081212_n (Copy)

This picture perfectly captures the Seigal siblings: Mikayla is doing her own thing, Vanessa is smiling and looking gorgeous, Ashley is laughing, and Max is yawning. Yep. Those are my Seagulls 🙂


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