Wildlife Linkspam for Your Reading Pleasure

If you haven’t been reading Rebecca’s nature blog, Rebecca In The Woods,  you should be! She’s a fantastic writer, and always has interesting observations about the natural world. She also has a link to my Cuteness Scale Poll, which if you haven’t taken yet you should! I’ve only had 12 people take it so far, I’m shooting for a much larger sample size before I start doing any stats. We need significant numbers here people, so let’s go!

And in the meantime, also check out Rebecca’s blog. Makes for some great reading!

Rebecca Heisman

It’s that time again – time for one of my irregular collections of wildlife and conservation links from around the web that have caught my eye. Bird-heavy, as always. Enjoy.

  • In Praise of Boring, Local Field Sites. This one brought back fond memories of doing my senior research project at my undergrad college’s nature preserve, a patch of unremarkable second-growth forest that I really loved.
  • Another post that brought back undergrad memories: turacos are a really cool group of African birds, and the only birds in the world with genuine green pigment (the reason we talked about them in ornithology class).
  • I freaking love antlions, and the melodramatic sound effects in this close-up video of one trapping and killing an ant are fantastic.
  • Remember I lived in Wisconsin until this June? They had their first wolf hunt last year. It was supposed to increase public tolerance of wolves. It…

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