Only got $20 in my pocket

“I’m gonna pop some tags,

Only got $20 in my pocket…”

I hear that my little brother knows all the lyrics to the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, so if you haven’t heard it have him sing it to you. And if you can actually get him to sing it to you, please videotape it, because I would dearly like to see it.

Here’s the official “Thrift Shop” video, for those who might not have seen it. This is the unedited version, so there are a few objectionable words in there. Grandma, I just want you to know I would never use words like that, though I do shop at thrift shops.

This is what $20 (technically $19.40) will get you at the Goodwill in Boulder:

  • Three books: The Best Travel Writing of 2000 (edited by Bill Bryson); Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from Storycorps (Dave Isay); and Close Range: Wyoming Stories (Annie Proulx)
  • A pair of Lauren Ralph Lauren jeans (which I suspect are brand new, as they are a bit stiff and still have the thread from the tag on the back pocket. Also, I’ve never understood the double ‘Lauren,’ but since my name is on there 2x I figure that means they’re extra super awesome)
  • A pair of Colombia shorts
  • A clear glass jar with lid


  • This sweet mug

beard face coffee mug

Yeah, that’s right. Be jealous.

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