Spring in Ohio

Last week I was in Ohio. Primarily I was there to eat chocolate and ham at my grandparent’s house for Easter, but I also had time to take some pictures of all the beautiful blooming things before I left again for parts unknown. By ‘parts unknown’ I mean South Carolina, which is where I am right now for a 12 week internship. I wish I had more time at home to relax and snuggle with my fur babies (as my friend Angie calls them), but I’m excited to play in the woods with red-cockaded woodpeckers!

Bogie and Jasper joined me for my stroll in the woods
Storm clouds are rolling in
Jasper has fantastic whiskers, don’t you think?
There ARE gators in Ohio!
The gator and the cat (below) were done by Don Drumm, who is a fantastic artist and a really nice person:
We love our kitties.
Don Drumm, the artist who made this, goes to our church. I talked with him on Easter, and he told me to marry rich. It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man, he said. I told him I’ll work on it.
Note: climbing apple trees in rubber boots one-handed (because the camera is in your other hand) is slightly difficult.
Sometimes Jasper and Bogie even let me sleep in my own bed too. They let me have the little sliver left over by the wall and hog all the covers. It’s very cozy in my twin-sized bed, but generally no one falls off.
It snowed one day! I missed most of the cold this winter, so I guess one day of snow in April is okay… I  got to wear my down jacket!
White-breasted nuthatch at the feeder

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